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· An art-mindset training method designed for

creative entrepreneurs and fine arts foundation industries, in order to generate growth mindset and build meaningful skills with their life and work ·

·taking you to the next level

· what is the art-mindset methodology?

It is not just another art training or life coaching orientation method; it is the different approach that shifts our understanding of creativity and life.
It is an innovative experiential training method designed for creative entrepreneurs and fine arts foundation industries, that teaches us the ways our mind and education belief system works, in the fields of personal development, research, creativity, aesthetics, art criticism, art history, innovative thinking, art production and communication, and sustainable art.


Art-mindset methodology is a practical look at how to apply the creative mindset freedom to your life and work, improving your art skills, your overall wellbeing and enriching your decision-making process. 

· my approach

I will help you to realise that YOU HAVE CHOICES.

Your life is your own. You are 100 percent unique and talented in your own special way. You make the desicions, you call the shots. 

To make a decision, no matter how small, it is very important to clarify and acquire your own method of living and have it always as a reference to make the decisions on what you want your life and work to look like.

However, most of the times we are stuck, we seem to be unable to find the right way to improve our work process, to move forward and guide ourselves to the next level. Does this sound familiar to you?

Art-mindset methodology provides you with the integral creative training system to improve your work process and to design your own life in the way YOU WANT.

Art-mindset methodology is designed for all creative industries as well as any creative development activity and personal growth process. If you have lost your orientation, enthusiasm, confidence, especially your creativity for life, then art-mindset methodology is for you. I am looking forward to working with you. 

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   Design your own life   

My approach

· For those who want to turn these times into a possibility,

feel more creative, alive and much more present in the world ·

   I work with:   

I work with
Abstract Glass

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