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   art-mindset training  

I am trilingual (English, Greek, Spanish) and I work internationally, offering virtual and face-to-face art-mindset training for creative entrepreneurs.
The art-mindset approach have a pre-work and post-work for every session and I am available via chat or email for the duration of our engagement, so the training itself is not limited to the time we spend in session. Your work is unfolded by art-mindset methodology (Research - Explore - Display), where we oversight progress made toward the goal. What gets measured gets improved!

The art-mindset training sessions are not covered by insurance. However, clients have successfully negotiated with their employer to pay for training as part of employee continuing education training

Most of my clients starting with the free discovery session to recognize their aim. By the end of this art-mindset training session, you will have identified a goal to work, the next art-mindset steps to take, and the motivation to move forward. In the discovery session we'll determine which program fits you best:
individual sessions.jpg

90 mins on demand

face to face: £70 
Zoom call: £50

For people who are busy and difficult to schedule, or for those who want art-mindset training support during a quick strategic goal setting. 

transformative month.jpg

4 sessions of 90 mins

face to face: £180 
Zoom call: £160

For those who are looking to accelerate dramatically causing you an important art-mindset training transformative experience and lasting change.

power integrity.jpg

8 sessions of 90 mins

face to face: £310 
Zoom call: £290

For those who are seeking longer term art-mindset training impact. Achieving multiple goals over more time with powerful integrity.

   20% off for the learning programmes to art-mindset customers only   
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