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  corporate art-mindset coaching  

achieve your goals faster

I am trilingual (English, Greek, Spanish) with corporate background and I work internationally; I coach entrepreneurs in leadership roles and their teams, creatives, broadcasters, journalists and academics who are struggling with challenges that hinder progress and their ability to think strategically and plan effectively.
21st century organisations are complex living systems which are continually recreating themselves. Their success depends on individual and collective awareness to do the same.

Invest the time and energy into creating an environment that cultivates growth. 
Make your employees feel valued and strive to help them succeed. If you put in the time to build the right mindset, you’ll create a business that has a strong foundation for success. 

· what do clients want: 

A clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses; how to target these as well as supportive and effective guidance so they can achieve the goals they set themselves and the business.

Art-mindset methodology is trained to help you find these answers by having a creative pre-work and post-work for every corporate session.

The work is unfolded by art-mindset methodology's three main phases (
Research - Explore - Display), where we oversight progress made toward your goals by improving and enriching your decision-making process. What gets measured gets improved!. 

· the corporate art-mindset coaching can facilitate the capacity to deal with:

· Goal setting and co-creating a targeted strategy to meet objectives
· Identifying the barriers that stand in the way of achieving your goals
· Mastering time management techniques so you can work smarter
· Appreciating your organisation’s values, strengths and how to leverage them
· Understanding your weaknesses and how to address them
· The opportunity to challenge negative thought processes
· Understanding and managing your own stress and its causes
· Improving the creative thinking and productivity
· Build confidence in your abilities as you track measurable goals and experience the benefits of the changes you are making
· A happier, healthier work culture resulting in lower staff turnover
· Evaluation and renewed creativity that mobilize employee’s talents to benefit the organisation and their career. 

· what do I do that is different from other coaches? 

My holistic research, innovative and creative system offers clarity and effectivity in a complex practical look that is regularly clouded by corporate everyday requirements.


I provide the constructive art-mindset techniques and insight they need to resolve corporate challenges big and small. Once everyone of your team has been properly instructed, the next step is to stay consistent with the changes you implement. I can help you do this with periodic check-ins and training.


Whether privately funded or organisationally funded the route to corporate art-mindset coaching aims to enable clients to move from surviving to thriving. Armed with a fresh positive outlook and renewed strategy you can move forward clarity and purpose in the way YOU WANT.


I also offer many corporate workshops for businesses.

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