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  · How does corporate art-mindset coaching work?  


I meet/ arrange a conversation with the key decision-maker to identify your challenges, highlight the areas for focus and support and understand what your expectations are.


From here, we then arrange a formal corporate art-mindset sessions. This gives us the opportunity to establish organisational needs, meet with relevant employees and draw up a clear contract to include confidentiality, objectives, process and costs.


The exploritory meeting is at no cost to you.


· We arrange a time and date to meet with all the team members. This can either be face-to-face at your organisation (travel costs apply) or via Zoom call.


· Sessions are in two-hour blocks and are held during the normal working day.


· To ensure the team put into practice the necessary steps to meet their goals, I always recommend committing to the corporate art-mindset coaching process for at least 3 months.


· Each session explores and challenges the opportunities and objectives as well as identifying practical steps to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. 


· I’ve created a simple yet comprehensive corporate art-mindset coaching workbook that includes some common pitfalls and challenges faced by any organisation. It will be your art-mindset toolbox and we will travel over it during our corporate art-mindset sessions together.


· By integrating the three core principles of the art-mindset methodology (Research - Explore - Display) in your objectives, you can improve your ability to express your creativity and dive into market with strategy. 


· Art-mindset methodology works through challenging your mind and helping you discover next to me how to design your own objectives and strategy in the way you want. You are looking for answers and this is why art-minset methodology works wonders with organisations. It combines self-management techniques, and creative modern guidance and application.


· Sessions are confidential. Details of the session will only be shared with other members of the organisation. 


· After three months, we conduct a meeting to discuss how progress is tracking against your objectives. This assesses the value the corporate art-mindset coaching has provided to the organisation. Any further support can be agreed at this point.


 · Costs · 

  · I can help you to:  


Identifying the barriers that stand in the way of achieving your goals

build your career.jpg

Mastering time management techniques 

creative thinking.jpg

Improving the creative thinking and productivity

mentally fit.jpg

Get mentally fit

 · Topics covered · 


· We get the best results from working together over a period of time. This means I will get to know your organisation, your team, your values, your objectives, the strengths and weaknesses of your achievements and challenges to date and the scope for potential development.

· You will design an action plan with targets, and with art-mindset methodology's management techniques you will tailored everything to your needs and ambitions. You are going to create a masterpiece, the best version of your organisation.

· In each session you will learn to grow your art-mindset, in order to develop an innovative way of researching, understanding, managing, and reaching results that will be useful during the preparation of your objectives, the next art-mindset steps to take, and the motivation to move forward.

· You will design your goals to help you understand and visualise the steps of your goals. It is a type of visual tool, an exclusive art-mindset method of recording information as well as a fun expressive outlet.

· Moreover, art-mindset methodology may boost your self-confidence, increase your empathy and help you discover how to look at the world from different perspectives.

a-m methodology.jpg

 · art-mindset methodology · 

· Research · start developing an art-mindset vision; this is the make clear phase, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. We are going to adjust art-mindset techniques on your abilities you acquired along, and eventually review everything else you need to achieve for your next step.

· Explore · manage the overwhelming distraction of your mind; this is the phase where the art-mindset freedom of your actions will be explored. Through exclusive techniques and practical creative exercises you will learn how your actions work and how your brain processes them. You are also going to come closer to your life patterns, find what’s usually makes you stagnated, and what prevents you from improving your creative skills.

· Display · results; in this phase everything has to be reviewed and completed, before the sessions are finished. You should have learned to focus on what you know to do best for your goal, and what you need to improve in your work skills, relations and networking, and most important how to concentrate on yourself with confidence.


 · Learning outcomes include · 

- Introduction to art-mindset methodology workbook with 80 exclusive pages

- The 5 creator’s manners of self-knowing

- Clarify what do you want to achieve (your goal)

- What is your Reality (current situation)

- Aesthetics and Innovative Thinking 

- Exploring our actions and how do they work

- S.O.C. method (Subject, Object, Circumstance)

- Stimulate the senses, the brain, encourage positive actions

- Understanding your language

- Critical and Creative Thinking 

- The method of the 3 phases of action

- Manage the overwhelming distraction

- Make a plan · display actions · put your plan into action

- The habit of unfinished actions and how to get rid of it

- Reveal the elements of commitment 

- Reveal your team · networking strategy · being-out-there actions

- Essential art-mindset maintenance tips

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