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the outcome

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· art-mindset methodology's outcome

My name is Dimitris Pikros and I am from Greece. 

I have an award-winning contemporary painting background, experience in co-curating art shows, a successful experience in teaching my art-mindset methodology with a history of recognition for performance by adapting also my “innovative art manifesto” techniques and mindset meditating approaches since 2010. But we'd better start this journey from the beginning...

My grandmother once told me that when I was little, I spent hours and hours looking at the small window of her house, without speaking, almost meditating (without being aware of course of what I was doing), and one day I told her: "Grandma, there is a world out there that I want to know" - since then my adventure of seeking knowledge began.

First of all, I graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with a first class Honours Degree in 2000. Achieving the top grade in my class led me to Barcelona, where I expanded my studies to include Graphic Design and Innovative Thinking. At the peak of my artistic evolution, I retired from the art and design business in order to embark on an art journey of self-growth and personal development, where I developed my knowledge of Zen, Life Coaching, Meditation and Yoga philosophies.


All studies haven't come into my life by chance -if such a thing exists- since I realized that I was the one that unconsciously sought them. I understood clearly that I am the one who decides, not only about design my own life, but also about living life on my own terms. That broke all my previous barriers and gave me enough motivation and inspiration to design an holistic and creative training method that can always raise you to the next level.

Thus, I started spending years researching and practicing on myself everything I specialised in, and eventually applying them professionally as an art-mindset coach and tutor to my students and clients. During that period of experience, I highlighted the important topics of my studies in order to create an integral strategic method that will be able to help creative people realise the growth obstacles of their lives and of their creativity. A 80-page art training method that will manage to generate mindset freedom for their own lives and work.

So the outcome of art-mindset methodology arose.

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