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  · How does art-mindet methodology training work?  

I’ve created a simple yet comprehensive art - training workbook of 80 pages that includes some common pitfalls and challenges faced by every creative person. It will be your art-mindset toolbox and we will travel over it during the training together.


My sessions are an average of 90 minutes. Most of my clients starting with the free 45 mins discovery session to recognize their aim, and to identify if we are a good match and have the chemistry to work together. This is for both of us. If you believe I can help you then we will discuss your needs further and find which program fits you best: (Programme)

Art-mindset methodology works through challenging your mind, your creativity and helping you discover next to me how to improve your work process and how to design your own life in the way YOU WANT. You are looking for innovative techniques and answers within you and this is why art-mindset methodology works wonders with people. It combines self-discovery, and creative modern tutoring and application.


I would like to remind you not to worry about always getting things right in your life and work. Nothing in the art-mindset method is about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. I certainly believe that you can neither be ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’, you can only be straight with yourself and clarify what your needs are moving forward. So, if you’re reading this you are probably wondering what your next step should be. 

  · I can help you to:  

Art and design portfolio assessment.jpg

Identify the nature and level of support required

build your career.jpg

Mastering time management techniques

Growth Mindset and Wellbeing.png

Developing your growth mindset and wellbeing

creative thinking.jpg

Improving the creative thinking and productivity

mentally fit.jpg

Getting mentally fit

Art portfolio assessment.jpg

Assisting your art and design portfolio

Self-discovery through Art.jpeg

Receiving self-discovery through art techniques

Progressive Free Thinking and Holistic R

Obtaining progressive free thinking and
holistic research

Merging celebration and fun.jpg

Merging celebration
and fun

 · Topics covered · 


· We get the best results from working together over a period of time. This means I will get to know you, your goal, the strengths and weaknesses of your achievements and challenges to date and the scope for potential development.

· You will design an action plan with targets, and with art-mindset methodology's tools you will tailored everything to your needs and ambitions. You are going to create a masterpiece, the best version of you.

· In each session you will learn to grow your art-mindset, in order to develop an innovative way of researching, understanding, creating, and reaching results that will be useful during the preparation of your goal, art skills, personal growth, the next art-mindset steps to take, and the motivation to move forward.

· You will design your goals to help you understand and visualise the steps of your goals. It is a type of art making tutorial, an exclusive art-mindset method of recording information as well as a fun expressive outlet. I will help you understand and visualise yourself. 

· By integrating the three core principles of the art-mindset methodology (Research - Explore - Display) in your goal, you can improve your ability to express your creativity and dive into market with strategy. Moreover, art-mindset methodology may boost your self-confidence, increase your empathy and help you discover how to look at the world from different perspectives.

a-m methodology.jpg

 · art-mindset methodology · 

· Research · start developing an art-mindset vision; this is the make clear phase, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. We are going to adjust art-mindset techniques on your abilities you acquired along, and eventually review everything else you need to achieve for your next step.

· Explore · manage the overwhelming distraction of your mind; this is the phase where the art-mindset freedom of your actions will be explored. Through exclusive techniques and practical creative exercises you will learn how your actions work and how your brain processes them. You are also going to come closer to your life patterns, find what’s usually makes you stagnated, and what prevents you from improving your creative skills.

· Display · results; in this phase everything has to be reviewed and completed, before the training is finished. You should have learned to focus on what you know to do best for your goal, and what you need to improve in your work skills, relations and networking, and most important how to concentrate on yourself with confidence.


 · Learning outcomes include · 

- The 5 creator’s manners of self-knowing.
- Clarify what do you want to achieve (your goal).
- Embrace the knowledge of art materials and how to build greater freedom to express, develop an idea/ concept and come about with your own style. 
- Understand the uses of Colour, Value and Hue from personal growth perspective.
- Use the Core Principles of Drawing for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) to capture the best proportion and tips to improve your drawing.
- Understand the Lightness as a visual perception of the luminance of an object.
- Explore and experiment in different artistic techniques like Layout, Coloration, Inscrutable, Paper Surgery, Zentangle, Distortion, Double Exposure, Obscure Portraiture, Collage and Digital Art.
- Create art that represents the outlook of the present moment, to fuse new dialogues of shapes, textures and elements inspired by our art /design /music /technology-oriented times. The outcome of that process is what I call “Innovative Art Manifesto”.
- What is your Reality (current situation).
- Learn about concepts/ big ideas that make connections between art and life through the disciplines of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, innovative thinking, art production and communication, and sustainable art.
- Improve critical and creative thinking, innovation skills and productivity.
- Exploring our actions and how do they work.
- Make a plan, display your actions and put your plan into action.
- Reveal the elements of commitment. 
- Get mentally fit, build self-esteem and set goals.

 · Reveal your mentor · 

reveal your mentor.jpg

A mentor is someone who has been there, done that, and has got the T-shirt. The mentor is someone you can turn to, ask questions and get advice from.

If you want to achieve your goal, align yourself with someone who knows the creative industries well, someone who works with them, educates them, helps them, someone who has already walked the path you're walking on. The one who can understand you first-hand.

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