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I am trilingual (English, Greek, Spanish) art-mindset tutor and I work internationally, providing virtual and face-to-face art-mindset learning programmes for foundation programming and creative entrepreneurs.

The learning scene is constantly changing in the same way life is changing and as a result a creative entrepreneur needs to adapt to the creative challenges but also to find their own identity through personal work. I believe the world needs creativity and mindset freedom in order to achieve significant breakthroughs in new research and sustainable development of innovative ideas.

In my learning programmes trainees will learn to grow their art-mindset (Research - Explore - Display), in order to develop an innovative experiential training way of practicing - seeing - understanding - achieving - and reaching results that will be useful for your art skills, portfolio, your overall wellbeing and in developing your future direction and finding your place within the creative industries. 
   Topics for training programmes:   
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Innovation strategy by way
of Chaos

You will learn how to manage chaos, in order to ensure an innovative way of seeing - understanding - and achieving results that will be useful for your creative programming skills and personal well-being.


Authentic: the art to be yourself.

The quality of being Authentic. In a world full of fake news, being real it became more important than ever. 

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Aesthetics and Innovative Thinking

What is Beauty? What is Innovative Thinker?  Objective and subjective components of Aesthetics and Innovative Thinking.

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Set the 3C’s 

Learn how to set the 3C’s (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity).

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Shades of Grey (life patterns)

The way we approach Grey challenges impacts how much we learn from them; a trait we continue to develop throughout our lives.

creative thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking

Involves trainees thinking broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas.

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Apply art-mindset methodology to the study skills

You will learn how to develop an innovative way of researching, understanding, retaining information, and reaching results for your study skills.

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Art and Entrepreneurial Mindset

How to integrate your Art into Entrepreneurial Mindset.

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Pleasure and Happiness

There is a big difference between Pleasure and Happiness. Recognition of need leads to live in Happiness.

Sustainability and Meditation.jpg

Sustainability and Meditation

The connexion between Sustainability and Meditation.


The Art of Not Yet

Everything about the habit of our unfinished actions and learn how to complete them.

Self-discovery through art

Self-discovery through Art

Is the process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings through the art.

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