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Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Focus. Focusing on which goals you want to achieve. Making a decision on what you do. And thus also on what you don't do.

Photo by the Japanese photographer @_deepsky

- Why focus?

· Focusing helps you to know what you really feel and what you really want, by allowing you to be in touch with your inner knowing about what is right for you.

· Focusing has powerful tools for releasing you from self-criticism and other forms of inner sabotage. It naturally increases your love and acceptance for all parts of yourself.

· Focusing helps you find and develop your creative and positive qualities.

· Focusing is a great support for people who are healing from physical illness, living with chronic physical conditions or feeling the effects of stress on the body, because you come into closer touch with what your body is saying to you, and you have a way of being friendly with the emotional stresses that come with illness.

· Focusing is a great tool in decision-making because it helps you sense the rightness of the choice you are making, at a level that includes, and also is beyond, logical analysis.

- art-mindset technique to improve yours focus (10 mins minimum):

· Pick up a small white piece of paper, place it at half meter of distance and have all your attention on the piece -while you're trying not to close your eyes- until thoughts begin to dissolve and concentration prevails in the foreground. Now close your eyes for a few minutes until you feel like you're plenty focused; then you are ready to return carefully your focus on what you are working on.

Always remember your focus determines your reality_

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