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· art-mindset training

The art-mindset training sessions are designed especially for creative entrepreneurs;  can be taught on a one-to-one basis and are the opportunity to achieve your goals faster. The model and process are simple and it unfolds into three main phases:
1. Research (your needs), 2. Explore (engaging in the art-mindset steps), and 3. Display (make it happen).

There are no guarantees that life will turn out the way you want, but you have a better chance of it turning out how you want if YOU KNOW HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE.
During the process you will boost your clarity, confidence, purpose, creativity and productivity. 
You will learn and practice at the same time.

By the end of the art-mindset training sessions you will reset your mindset and open the door to a new perspective. 
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   Work with me   

· art-mindset learning programmes

A 'non-traditional' art-mindset learning programmes when people will learn how to grow their art skills and their art-mindset. This includes workshops, summer schools, conferences, training programmes etc. 
The programme activities cover the three core principles of art-mindset methodology (Research - Explore - Display), and are based on the learning needs of the group, building on their prior knowledge and interests and reflecting on what is important to them.
My approach is to incorporate an integral and creative method learnership experience and above all to set up your mental wellbeing based on an art-mindset way of living.  
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—  Noor Ajad,Visual Media/ Cinema


" I really enjoyed the activities since they work successfully with the topics of what I needed.

I would definitely recommend Dimitris art-mindset methodology, as it was intensive for my artistic goals and way to see the approach. "



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